• Account
  • Is my profile private?
Your artist information and profile picture are public, while other sections of your profile are private. We never disclose your full name, passport details, and facial image to the third parties.
  • KTT
  • What is KTT?
KTT (K-Tune Token) is an official K-Tune platform currency.
  • KTT
  • How much KTT do I need to buy to start using K-Tune?
You will receive 100 KTT upon email verification that will be enough for you to get started. Make sure to spend it in the next 31 days before it gets expired.
  • KTT
  • How to buy KTT?
To purchase KTT, you will need to go to wallet section of your account and click the "Add KTT" button.
  • KTT
  • How much is KTT in fiat currency?
The going price of KTT on K-Tune is 10 cents/KTT. There are various options on K-Tune to purchase KTT. The cheapest option is to get our Monthly Pack for about 0.6 to 0.7 cents/KTT. If it's not enough, you can always purchase additional at 10 cents/KTT.
  • KTT
  • How can I cash out my KTT wallet?
You can cash out your wallet once you have 200 KTT saved. Your cash-out amount is subject to deductions. Before the payout process has started, you will be deducted 30% if you are willing to transfer to your cryptocurrency wallet, or 15% if you are willing to cash out to your bank account.
  • KTT
  • How long will it take to receive money to my bank account, once I cashed my KTT out?
It usually takes 7-10 business days to appear in your bank account.
  • Arena
  • What is Arena?
Arena is an open market where K-Tune members can freely buy and sell music content.
  • Arena
  • What is K-Tune Arena Weekly Chart?
Arena Weekly Chart shows changes in the ranking of currently available tracks.
  • Arena
  • How to participate in Arena?
To participate in Arena, you will need to upload your file for sale or browse available for download files.