YouTube is not only a hub of videos that you can watch and share with your friends. These days it is more than that. Over recent years YouTube became a top video search engine, an advertising platform, and a social network. As a musician, you can make good use of all three, and here is how.


YouTube as a search engine.

Youtube usually is the first place that comes in mind if someone suggests searching for music. That makes it a potent search tool. YouTube search algorithm is getting smarter every day to ensure users find what they are looking for.

As an artist, you can use it in your favor if you invest some time in learning how the YouTube optimization works and how to make your content stand out according to YouTube rules. Once you complete this quest, your videos will get the views they deserve to get.

Let’s say you have your music ready for the world to hear it. Simply uploading it to YouTube will not bring any visible results anymore, as it is highly competitive. Make sure you have a catchy title, use correct keywords, thumbnail, call to actions and links, and get everything else in order.


YouTube as a powerful advertising tool.

Even though the Internet is full of advertising opportunities, YouTube seems to be the right place to start. In fact, 95% of the most-watched videos on YouTube in recent years were music videos. Being a part of a music-oriented platform will allow you to advertise to people who are already interested in music in general. Just this fact alone simplifies targeting and the entire youtube music video ad setting process. Many musicians widely use this tool. Check your favorites musicians on YouTube for some inspiration for what to post.

You probably think that YouTube ad spaces belong to brands advertising only, but that is not necessarily true. You can promote your new music video, video backstage, video teaser, or live performance. There are no limitations as long as you know who you would want to advertise it to.


YouTube as a community-building tool.

YouTube is an excellent opportunity to build a closer relationship with subscribers. If you are serious about growing your fanbase, then you have a chance to keep your subscribers posted with the Community Tab. You can interact with your audience with text messages, images, videos, polls, and GIFs. Many musicians widely use this tool. You can always check your favorite artists on YouTube for some inspiration of what to post.


Blackpink youtube channel community tabs - K-Tune blog


Community Tab’s updates are also suitable for promoting your music and music videos for extra exposure, sneak peeks, and feedback about your music. It is also where you can use stories and premieres to drive more attention to your music.


YouTube is a robust platform for videos and music. People often choose it over other networks for discovering new music. That makes it a fantastic place for artists to share their works. Like many other well-developed spaces, it requires some extra learning about optimization and advertising. But we firmly believe if you invest time and effort, it can benefit your music a lot.


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